Online Gaming

This is a homepage that I have made on my Web Design in school. We were supposed to create an website and i decided to make an Flash game website. I am working on it even now after I've gone out of school and I hope you enjoy it :)

Right now we have 58 games and 38 of them are locally and will always work as long as this page is up! And I'm working as hard as I can to get the rest on the server as well!

Some of them might not be in the menus yet and if you want to help me get them there you can join the forum and help me!

If your know a game you want here or that your think is fun i ask you


Please tell me. Send a message in the guestbook or the forums or send me a mail or send a message to me on Facebook

Or you could tell me at my page on facebook Shades Onlinegaming Facebook